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This may be the most rude story I’ve ever written, but I had fun doing it, because it illustrates one of my strongest beliefs: “give kids the tools to innovate and don’t limit them”.

Originally I wanted to write a story to teach kids how to draw the different shapes, but I found too many stories and e-books about that subject online. I thought it would be better to write a story about imagination, creativity and innovation and how sometimes we stifle it when we teach our kids in school.

Our hero goes above and beyond and turns squares and circles into works of art. But, no matter how creative our hero gets, the Rude Rollerball Pen will find a way to either take credit or belittle our hero. Our hero is patient until she has had enough and so she drains the Rude Rollerball Pen and all of its suppression.

The lesson here is simple: push your kids to innovate, and if anyone tells them they can’t do it, teach them to have the strength to set these rude repressors aside.


I hope we learned something useful today,



I’m a rollerball pen and I’m rude and so bored.

You must play with me. I will not be ignored.

You will draw me a circle inside a huge square

Or I’ll draw in your nose a long curly hair.

Time’s up!

What is this that you drew? Do you think I’m a fool?

Oh! You used a big Square and you drew a big pool

And you painted a Circle as a shiny red ball.

Not that bad. It’s because of my skill after all.




I am a rollerball pen and I’m rude and need food.

I must eat something yummy or I’m up to no good.

You must feed me a Circle from out of a Square

Otherwise I will smudge lots of ink on your chair.


Time’s up!

Let me see what you drew now, you wily old fox.

Ha! You used a fat Square and you drew a fat box

And out of a Circle you made a sweet pie

It is mine! It’s all mine! There’s no need to ask why.




I am a rollerball pen and I love to be rude.

So be nicer to me or I’ll paint in the nude.

You will cut me a Circle from the edge of a Square

Or I’ll pee on your clothes. You’ll have nothing to wear.


Time’s up!

Let me see! Let me see. Do we have matching styles?

So you used some flat Squares and you drew some flat tiles…

And then out of a Circle you made a deep sink?

That’s so rude! I am leaking! I ran out… of… ink…