DrTechniko wants to educate young minds about computer science and the scientific thought process and one day fill the world with young geniuses. His sci-fi and fantasy stories distill concepts from the latest advances in hot fields, such as artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, into their basic principles and teach them to children through fun story plots and character quests. Using the same cues he teaches kids how to program via games and storytelling.
DrTechniko in real life is Nikos Michalakis. Nikos graduated from MIT with an undergrad and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. He has done research at MIT’s Media Lab and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence laboratories and companies like Nokia and Sun Microsystems. He has published his research in prestigious conferences and has been involved with multiple high-tech start-up companies over the years.  He lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his wife and their son. You can reach him through the DrTechniko facebook page. He would love to hear your feedback.